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Joseph Lopez
"17 Clients In His First Month!"
Courtney Herring Bowden
"How Courtney Broke Through And Did 28k In 60 Days"
Joi Gave Fear The Middle Finger and 
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Kito Johnson
"Kito Makes $14k in 24 Hours From The Beach"
Christy Makes $19k In Only 2 Weeks While Chillaxin In The Beautiful Bahamas
How Kelly Cole Made $23,235 In 1 Week
How Glen 20x’d His Income
How Zohn Has Already Done $21k In Sales & On Track To Surpass His $300k Corporate Salary (all in less than 90 days)
How Dorian Was Able To Make $20k In Sales From Only $436 In Facebook Ad Spend!

How Desiree Was Able To Quit Her Full Time Job And Increase Her Pricing 
How Apryl Made $10,443.28 From $746 In Facebook Ad Spend
"How Tara Reed Did $60k On A Saturday."
"Marquel helped me grow my business to 6-Figures in less than 12 months!."
"I would like to thank Marquel in helping me get my first $3,000 paying client."
"Since working with Marquel, I have already booked very high ticket clients and I was able to increase my prices within a week of working with Marquel."
"How Jasmine Did An Extra 47K in 60 Days."
"Since working with Marquel I've bought a Brand New Mercedes Benz, about to buy a new home and I'm shooting for $100k this year."
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"Marquel shows you how to implement strategies quickly and very fast. That's a special gift to have."
"How Marcus 10x'd His Income."
"How David Did $35k In Only 3-4 Days"
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"How We Helped Kantis Simmons Create A
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